You manage your life – and we help you with different working time models

Professional and personal perspectives often change. While one employee might want to get stuck in, another may feel like taking a break, working someplace else, or spending more time with their family. At Allergo Healthcare you can rely on receiving an equal level of support for personal, private and health-related topics. Allergo Healthcare offers you working time models and work locations that are aligned with your life. Regardless of whether you want to spend a lot of time with your family and would therefore prefer to work at home, or you feel happier working with your colleagues in the head office, discussing new projects with us at the castle, or you want to manage your time and work yourself, selling products to our customers: we will adjust to your requirements and your personal situation.

And as it goes without saying that your circumstances can change, we also change together with you and your requirements.


Goal agreement and feedback

Clear goals create prospects and support motivation. Together we develop the goals that you want to achieve at Allergo. These can be research goals, product development goals or sales goals. Together with your supervisor and the executive team, we develop exactly those prospects which you can imagine for you and your family.

Ideas are in demand at Allergo Healthcare

Good ideas keep a successful company alive. We always welcome your dedication and your ideas – including those which extend beyond your area of work. We try to realize your ideas together. Allergo asks and supports its employees in the development of ideas, innovations and far-reaching strategies. Be brave and innovative. Allergo Healthcare isn’t a group that has fixed structures, it is a living organism in which everyone is pleased when their colleagues help to advance the entire team with good ideas.


Dialogue and leadership

We insist on the comprehensive communication of company topics. Dialog and the willingness to create dialog are therefore taken very seriously at Allergo Healthcare. Dialog is the only opportunity for achieving changes and to realize them together with you on a positive bass. Dialog creates impulses for changes. It enables the ‘formal’ chain of command to be consciously broken through in order to reach and include as many employees on a rapid, goal-oriented basis. This includes modern methods of communication as well as discussions between employees and their supervisors.


Sales and field sales

Allergo Healthcare supports the sales team in a variety of different ways. It goes without saying that we provide you with all the documents you need to work at Allergo Heatlhcare with success. In addition to this, you are always part of our regional team. A regional team works a specific region, and you are independently responsible for one specific part of this region. As a member of the regional team you can use the regional pages in the internet in order to introduce contacts to your customers on a targeted basis, and are the no. 1 personal contact for allergies in your region.