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Allergo Healthcare products – the best thing to happen to allergy sufferers


Allergo Healthcare is with his brands „allergocover“ and „allergo natur“ one of the biggest and most experienced producers of hypoallergenic bedding in Germany with two state-of-the-art production facilities in Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Thousands of physicians in Germany trust our high quality products and recommend them to their patients.

Pediatricians, allergists, dermatologist and ENT specialists are among our large physician target groups. With exceptional performance, hard work and lots of fun, our team works with hundreds of physicians, and helps thousands of patients on a daily basis.

Allergo Healthcare stands for german quality, reliability, innovative strength, and focus on success. Germany is one of the most innovative countries worldwide in the area of pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

Be a part of our team, when Allergo Healthcare starts operations worldwide.

For the promotion of Allergo Healthcare products, we are looking for:


Independent healthcare sales representatives for clearly defined geographical areas.


Our goal is to build awareness among healthcare professionals and patients of the new market entry of Allergo Healthcare and our high quality products.

Your objective will be to address health care professionals, to effectively present the benefits of Allergo Healthcare products compared with competitor products, and to convince them to recommend our products to their patients.

Ideally, you have worked with health care professionals before and are familiar with processes in physicians’ offices and the needs of physicians’ and their staff. Work experience with allergists, pediatricians, or dermatologists is most welcome.

You will be part of a team, work closely with our sales management and receive support in meeting your goals.

Our CRM system ALEXIIS will give you an overview and relevant details of target accounts in your region, to help you contact physicians and arrange appointments. The system helps you keep record of your visits and manage your activity. You can view your target achievement as well as the orders in your region.

You are looking for a great, reliable and innovative partner at your side – a partner who knows the business but is also eager to learn from you.

You would like to grow with us with strong and competitive products from Germany.

Maybe you have a company already with subsidiaries in other countries or you employ your own staff. Then become our partner. Or you have only recently started working as an independent sales representative, and would like to grow with the German market leader in the area of hypoallergenic textiles? We are excited to receive your application.

We would be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

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